Sunday, June 8, 2008


It's always fun, when googling my books, to discover that a fellow blogger has reviewed one of them. I just discovered this review of HEALING WATER by Amanda at A Patchwork of Books.

Amanda is a children's librarian! How cool is that?!

I never know whether to comment on reviews I see on blogs. In one of my writer listserves there was a recent discussion about responding to reviews.

Of course it goes without saying that we should never complain about constructive criticism or negative reviews.

Even when the review is positive, contacting the reviewer is a bit iffy. Developing a "personal relationship" with reviewers can take some of the objectivity out of future reviews. And I'd think it would make reviewers a bit self-conscious knowing that authors are seeing what they write!

Still, last June, I spoke to a group of school librarians who were celebrating the end of the school year with dinner at the fabulous Old Salem Tavern in Winston Salem, NC. A book reviewer, who had written a great review of BLUE , for the local newspaper was there. She told me she loves to hear from the authors she reviews. I thought she might be chastising me just a bit since I had not thanked her until we landed beside each other at the dinner table.

And truthfully, I enjoy hearing from authors whose books I've reviewed.

I guess there are no easy answers for this. So I will simply say to Amanda and anyone else who reviews my books. THANK YOU! MULTIPLE THANK YOUS! Just the fact that you read my books is an honor. Sharing them with others is more than I could ask.

And truthfully, the greatest honor of all is honesty - even if it hurts a little. Honesty engenders trust. And trust between writer and reader is essential to good storytelling.

So here's to reviews of all types. Keep them coming. Not just for my books but all books. BTW, Goodreads and Library Thing are two great places to see what others are reading and to share your thoughts on books!

Like you need another social network!

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  1. Oops. I forgot that I wanted to review your book as soon as I got it back from my daughter. Add it to the "list of things to do"!! Hope you can stay cool in Tn. Carol