I assume that you clicked on over here to find out what I'm really like. Good luck with that!

We'll start with what I am not. (And please do not hold this against me.) But I do not hug animals in real life.
I took this picture for 2 reasons. One - I love the country life (which is to say - land & gardens - but not so much the animals).  Two - I wanted a picture of me in overalls and this is prettier than the real thing.

And speaking of pretty, here's one of me in my bathing suit. It was taken at one of my favorite places. 

The pic below really is me in the historic pools at Warm Springs.
  I had to check out the water since one of my characters used these pools for therapy.
 Research is not just for encyclopedias.

By the way,  a little known fact about me is that I am a Mennonite.
  But don't confuse that with being Amish.
 Mennonites and Amish share an early history but we are actually more like distant cousins. 

 Here I am - imagining myself as an Amish woman.

And this is me as an Amish man.

Here's my "don't mess with my grandbabies" look.
(please note:  if you need a photo of me for your blog I can provide you with a better one than this!)

Can you find them the grandkids in this picture? I actually have 7 grands. 
Only 4 are pictured below. 

This is me and my sort-of-hippie hubby on the day before our sort-of-hippie wedding.

30 + years later - I love him this much!

This picture was taken at Angel Oak Park on John's Island near Charleston, South Carolina. 
The tree is probably around 1500 years old.  I hope I look that good when I'm that old.