Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I’ve been tweaking (and tweaking) chapter seven of my Hawaii manuscript for my editor. Sometimes I’m so dense about what’s wrong with certain sections. I think that’s what happens with a piece of writing that I’ve had in front of me for years. I become blind to its weaknesses and too attached to the familiar version. In some ways this manuscript seems strongest in the brand new chapters – they feel fresh to me and I don’t glaze over them like I do the older ones.

I could start all over! But then again, maybe not!

Current research challenge: I’m trying to document the use of the word, “Okay” in Hawaii during the mid 1800s. I know I read it somewhere but now I can’t find it. The clock is ticking. My editor will need proof…
Other details: Need to write and send description of my school visits to the Speakers Bureau page on the SCBWI Carolina’s site.
Contact the Damien Museum in Hawaii to ask a few questions. Add my blogspot link to my web page

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