Monday, March 5, 2007


I’m just getting started on the whole out-of-town school visits thing. Had two in Asheville last week. It was raining mountain lions and pitbulls when I arrived. So in spite of Mapquest, I got lost. I think it was that coffee stop that put me on the freeway going the wrong direction in a downpour. And do you think I would stop again? This time to ask directions???

Yes, I would. I did – twice as a matter of fact. And then, when I passed the Civic Center for the second time I called my sister who lives in Asheville. She talked me through the rest of the trip. Thankfully I had allowed plenty of time so I was still on schedule.

The schools I visited were West Buncombe Elementary and Haw Creek Elementary. Both of these schools have some fabulous murals on their interior walls. (I love exciting learning environments!) The children and the media specialists at both schools were just great! And the atmosphere in both was supercharged but orderly. Lots going on in honor of Doctor Seuss and Read Across America. I saw a lot of WHO hair, pajamas and mismatched socks. Why do I think school is so much more fun than it used to be??

I used to dream about going to school in my pajamas. But in those days it was a nightmare – like the dream where I’m running to catch the bus and I don’t have my clothes on!

I loved seeing schools in another county system. These schools had theaters – something Catawba County does not. So that presented a different dynamic for my presentation. I’m still evaluating whether I’d like to try presenting to larger groups when the space is available or if I should keep things small and intimate. I did discover it doesn't work well to compress my speeches and it sure makes a difference when all the children have read the book.

Having said that, I am just so grateful to the second school for putting me on their schedule at such short notice and for being so flexible.

My sister Joanne put me up overnight and drove me around on Day 2. Such a help she was with unloading, packing things up, etc. She also gave me helpful tips for improving my talks (something I need and welcome). We ate the delicious lunch she'd packed while driving between schools.

The sun was shining when it was time to go home – no mountain lions or pitbulls to slow me down – just a baggie of monster cookies to keep me going. Thanks, Joanne!

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