Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Okay, so I was checking out Amazon's listing of BLUE yesterday and noticed they had 42 copies new and used - one for as low as 5.44. I was curious about the description of that volume at that price and discovered not one, but two withdrawn library copies were being sold!

Withdrawn library books? For Pete's sake - the book has only been out a year! Now I can imagine that library shelf-space is limited but somehow I thought books would be given more chance than that to find a following!

I just keep thinking about all those school kids that really love BLUE and wonder if the librarians who withdrew those two copies had read or promoted it in any way. Maybe I'm kidding myself but I choose to believe that if they'd read the first page they would have been pulled into the story and Amazon would have two fewer copies of BLUE available.

Oh well, maybe it doesn't matter. Because truthfully BLUE at 5.44 is such a great deal - surely it will be snatched up and airmailed off to some other part of the country - where someone WILL read it and recommend it to his or her friends!


  1. Yes, I had noticed that too. However, I did not know how to research to find the story behind it.

    There have got to be lots of students at those schools who should have been given a better opportunity to read and love BLUE.

    I got a call from a friend in NC last evening. She asked me to guess what book she had just read. I guessed BLUE to her surprise, and I was correct. She had been wanting to read it and had checked it out at her local library. She said she read the whole book in one evening and enjoyed it. She was excited to know there is a sequel coming.

    So there you go. A KUDO instead of a knife through the heart.

  2. Ah, thanks for the kudo. So glad your friend enjoyed it!

  3. Hey maybe it's not such an insult. Maybe the libraries had originally bought 10 copies of your book for their book club and were just clearing shelf space once they were done with it. You never know...

  4. Okay, Ruthie, I like that! I accept.

    And who knows - maybe they are making space for Damien, eh?

  5. Maybe the books were read so much they were worn and they needed to be replaced with better copies! :)
    Sonya S.

  6. I love how my friends think! You are so encouraging!