Monday, October 29, 2007


A few weeks ago I bought a new laptop. It seemed like a good idea since my other one (I'll call her Kitty) was threatening to give up the ghost. Last year Kitty died in the middle of a school visit. Fortunately the media specialist simply wheeled another one in on a cart while I entertained questions. In short order we were up and running again.

I came home and plugged Kitty in and she began to purr! I soon learned that when she shuts down I simply need to remove the power source, plug her up again, and meow!

Then last week when hubby and I went to the beach we took Kitty and my sleek new Toshiba both along so we'd each have a computer. While there, Kitty died again.

Hubby plugged and unplugged and even tried to take her apart although he didn't have computer repair tools with him. So he plugged her up again and tried to start her one last time. But it was no use.

Kitty was dead.

I had spent plenty of time transferring files from Kitty to my new (as yet unnamed) computer. So I was feeling confident that I was in good shape until suddenly I needed photographs. I searched around in my new laptop and they weren't there. Guess who had them! Yikes!

"Calm down!" I told myself. "After all you're married to a man who knows how to get information off a harddrive.

Well, before my hubby took Kitty apart to retrieve my pics, he decided to try her one more time. And wouldn't you know! She blinked. She meowed. She purred.

I'm thinking we need to get my photographs burned onto a CD yesterday!

And another thing. I am about to name my new laptop something that sounds distinctly feline! How does Sheba sound to you?

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