Friday, October 5, 2007


Last week, I had a flat tire on my way to town. “Hmmmm.” I said to myself. “I suppose I should prove to me that I can fix this.” I knew where the jack was. My hubby had shown me how to use it. Maybe I could do it.

NNNNNHHHHHT - maybe not. It would be a hot grungy job and well, I just didn’t want to crawl under my van for the spare tire or kneel in the dirt to do a job I hated that much!

My hubby was out of town so I couldn’t call him.

I considered calling my Daddy. He’s always willing to help someone out. I got out my trusty air compressor and starting pumping up the tire. But I also prayed for a Good Samaritan to come along. (Remember him? He's the guy in one of Jesus' stories who stopped and helped a robbery victim.)

Guess what!?

Very soon, a big yellow truck with a State Highway Department emblem pulled off the road beside me. Two guys hopped out. “Do you need some help?” the driver asked. (Big grin on his face.)

Big grin on my face, too. “Sure!”

Those two were quite a team. Terry pulled the jack out of the compartment. Dakota crawled under my van to lower the spare tire. (See why I didn’t want to do this – red dirt and gravel wouldn’t look so great on my slinky black slacks.) Terry loosened the lug nuts and Dakota jacked up my van. (Bless his heart - he wasn’t so fond of my jack.) Terry removed the flat and began to put on the spare. Ooops - the van needed to go higher. Dakota jacked it up as far as it would go and the spare still wouldn’t fit where the flat tire had been.

Not a problem! Terry got a shovel out of the yellow truck and dug a hollow into the hard, dry ground beneath the wheel. He lifted the tire onto the hub but no, the tire still didn’t fit. So Dakota took his turn with the shovel. The next time Terry tried to put the tire on, it worked! He tightened the lugs and my two Good Samaritans put the jack away, dusted themselves off and headed for their truck.

I offered money but they wouldn't hear of it! It felt wrong to just hop in my van and drive away. It seemed so thoughtless and ungrateful. I hope they know how relieved I was to see them and how thankful I still am for their kindness.

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