Thursday, November 22, 2007


For seventeen years my hubby has kept his eye on the horizon. Why? That’s how long I’ve been writing for publication. And all along I've been telling him that, any day now, my ship is coming in!

For seventeen years Chuck has:

1. Kept me in computers (and that includes replacing my laptop when I spilled iced tea on it)
2. Upgraded my computers whether I thought they needed it or not!
3. Gone on research trips with me (and paid for them).
4. Released me to go on research trips WITHOUT him (including Hawaii!).
5. Listened to me stew about rejections, and editors, and how in the hairy boo did that book get published anyway?!
6. Gave me advice which I sometimes took and often ignored.
7. Listened to me read whole book manuscripts on road trips.
8. Gave up home remodeling projects, paying the mortgage off early, and who knows what else, for my lack of a steady income.

In 2000, I decided to take a paying job. Sometimes I loved it. Other days I did not! But mostly I grieved my writing. When I began to seriously think of leaving my work, my hubby could have reminded me of all the material sacrifices we’d have to make. And we did talk about those things. But in the end, what the man said was, “I want you to be happy!”

So, I quit. For the last four years I’ve gotten up every morning to the perfect job. I write for young people. I won’t give you a list of all the things I love about it.

Suffice it to say, my hubby got what he wanted. I am happy! ; )


  1. Stunning! Joyce, I so needed to read this today. I am blessed in that I know the man I married is the one I am supposed to be with the rest of my days. We have been married for almost 15 years, now, and after the usual trials--mortgages, children, job changes, graduate school, etc.--we are really hitting the good stuff, even though the jobs and everything else seem to be coming apart.

    As you know, I am in a situation similar to the one that you encountered a few years ago, and my man is behind me. And I behind him.

    I love the picture you have posted. I can see the love and pride in your man's eyes as he holds you close.

    Way to pick 'em, Joyce!

  2. Thanks! I do feel so incredibly lucky!

    I know you are about to be in transition. Any chance you are coming to Asheville?

    I hope your last weeks at school are rewarding and that your future is bright!

  3. Ashville is still a possibility. In fact, Hickory is even on the list. Lenoir Rhyne is looking for someone just like my DH. I'll keep you posted!

  4. Oh, wow! LR is my alma mater.

    What does your hubby do?

  5. He's an English professor. His specialty is 19th Century American lit and cultural studies.

    What a small world!

  6. All because two people fell in love ;-)