Friday, November 9, 2007


My fabulous hostess, Mary Ashley and I.

I’ve just returned from two heavenly days in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Mary Ashley, media coordinator for Cherokee County Schools invited me. And what a hostess she was! She could have been content to connect me with all the 4th graders in the county system and with reserving spacious and super comfy accommodations for my friend and I. But instead she arranged for a signing at a local bookstore, took us to dinner at Shoe Booties and made homemade lasagna for our lunch the next day!

Oh, and did I mention the visit to Clay’s Corner – home of the famous New Year’s Eve Possum Drop? And next door to that was the John C. Campbell Folk School which was begun to help mountain people find an economic outlet for their skills. They offer classes in writing, art, musical instrument making, beekeeping, blacksmithing and about a gazillion other subjects!

But I’m off topic.

In addition to the 4th graders I also got to meet some 5th graders who are reading BLUE for the Battle of the Books competition. Although BLUE isn’t on the state BOB list, Cherokee County holds its own Battle of the Books competition. They use the nominee list for the North Carolina Children’s Book Award. So my Battle of the Books dream came true in at least one county!

The 4th and 5th graders were so super attentive and well behaved. And the bus drivers who brought them to Hiwassee Dam and Murphy Schools from around the county were on their best behavior too!

Two super duper days that were over - oh, so quickly!

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