Saturday, December 15, 2007


About every other year I am in charge of the Christmas drama at my church. I like doing this but it usually means I end up writing it first. And by the time that's done, there's a scramble to pull off all the rehearsals!

Sometimes, I think if I weren't writing books, I'd love to get involved in community theater. I'd like to see how a real director pulls off a play and maybe even help create the stage sets.

At church we usually make do with props that we have on hand. We've had a donkey, cow, and a sheep around for so long that not using them again would break our hearts (even though the cow is getting weak in the knees and doesn't always want to stand up!).

This year the drama is about a group of junior youth who hijack the traditional Christmas story and pretend that Jesus comes as a clown. Nah - too silly. So they try a king. No - too arrogant and prissy! Well then, how about a kindly old grandpa? Uh oh, he is way too indulgent!

In the long run, the kids decide that maybe a babe is a better way for Jesus to arrive in this world. And suddenly, they are back to the familiar story and willing to play any part the teacher gives them.

The stage is intended to look a little chaotic - like a classroom with props and costumes where a rehearal is getting ready to take place. I know it needs a little tweaking and now that I've seen this pic, the teal colored carpet is starting to worry me. I'm thinking about pulling out the stone look vinyl flooring we keep in our real prop room. hubby probably thought he was finished dragging heavy items up the stairs. I wonder what he will say when I mention that!


  1. Joyce, this looks fabulous! I've always fantasized about writing a Christmas story of some kind, but I'm just too sentimental about it to get a clear idea. Sounds like you have a great handle on things! I love this time of year and I am so looking forward to things slowing down a little so I can enjoy it again.

    Friday is my last day--really, my last day. It's all going to come together...somehow.

    Have fun with the play!

  2. Maybe now that your scheduling is changing a bit there will be time for writing your Christmas story!

    But of course Christmas is when the inspiration comes and I imagine you are preparing for a move.

    All the best with upcoming transitions. I hope your future feels like one big Christmas present that you are about to open.

  3. Wish I could be there - you are wonderful at these Christmas plays! Maybe I'll vote for you again next year ;-)

    And it was interesting to hear the story line. I sat there Sunday trying to determine what was going on with the props.

    By the way, the children's practiced well and it was very sweet. I didn't catch the vision of what they were doing until then.

  4. Oh I'm glad the practice went well. I am going to ask Pearl to tape the program. Not sure how lighting or sound will be but we can at least try!

  5. Vote your little heart out. Next year I'm off. Maybe I'll vote for you.

  6. Glad I sneaked in a preview last night - I like the new twist to a traditional story. You're thinking outside the box!

  7. That's what happens when I hang out with young people - like you!