Sunday, February 3, 2008


Starting in March the children of North Carolina will be voting for a favorite book. BLUE is one of 15 nominees in the Junior award category. If you check out that list you’ll see I’ve got some tough competition. Yikes!

But fingers crossed...

If you’re a student and want to vote please ask your school or public librarian for assistance. More information is available at this site. Voting ends on March 31.

The winner will be announced during National Library Week - April 13 -19.

And guess what! Blue is on two more state award lists for the year 2008-2009. I won’t tell you which ones just yet, but here’s a hint. They are both neighbors to the great state of North Carolina!


  1. Wow Joyce! This is wonderful! Good luck--wish we lived in really, I wish we lived in NC!

  2. Congrats to BLUE and I'll keep my fingers crossed too!

  3. ghost girl I wish you lived here too! Is LR still a possibility?

  4. Thanks, Lizzy!

    Are you superbowl partying tonight? Be careful. That is -pretend I am at your elbow at all times! ;)

  5. Sadly, we got the official notice from LR last week that they found someone else. I am so bummed by that one. I was really, really hoping that would be the place. In the meantime, still waiting and watching.

  6. Wow - I wish I could vote. I have just finished BLUE for the second time and I enjoyed it as much as the first. Your writing talent is truly amazing.

    Steve just finished Healing Water and he said he is really impressed with your ability to take facts and research and put it in story form. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  7. Thanks, Jeannie! And thanks to Steve too!

  8. Hey Joyce,
    I'm so happy to call you "my friend." God gives us gifts even when we're not looking for them.