Thursday, March 6, 2008


Woooohooooo! I'm going to the jungle. Lea Schiza is holding a "Writing for Children Blogfest" at The Writing Jungle and I am packing my bags.

1. Excerpts of my brand new book, HEALING WATER about leprosy in Hawaii.
2. Information on leprosy, polio, and the latest disease to hijack my otherwise healthy writing plans.
3. Book covers and reflections on book covers.
4. Announcement of the NC CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD results (if available, which I think they will be) I hope BLUE wins, but if not, I'll be happy to congratulate my deserving competitor.
5. A photo of me with my favorite Newbery Award winning author and role model (Visit me in the jungle to find out who that is!)
6. A tribute to the teacher who made me a writer.
7. A tribute to the editor who makes me a better writer.
8. More stuff I haven't thought of yet.

My posts will be relatively short and as sweet as I can make em!

But what makes this really sweet is that other authors will be trekking about too. If you are a published children's writer, follow this trail to Lea's Writing Jungle! Authors who have published children's books are invited to join the blogfest.

Oh, and while you're there check out Lea's impressive titles on the left side of her blog.


  1. Hey Joyce,

    We will be blogfesting together then. I will try to make sure my characters from my state stories come by and leave messages on your articles, especially since you are covering a different aspect of the state than they are. They are only trying to figure out what the state is from the clues and info given but having some other in-depth information about the states will be fun.

    Can't wait to see your postings and the other contributing authors as well - E :)

  2. Oh, I wish I had something in print already...for a lot of reasons! LOL. But I'll just be inspired by you and everyone on blogfest.

    Enjoy it!

  3. Oh, Ghost Girl - your day is on the way! I'm eager for your day too.

  4. Elysabeth, I'll see you in the jungle! I really should be packing up and getting my posts together. Looking forward to meeting your characters.