Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am between writing assignments.

So I have options. I can do “non writing” tasks such as organize my financial records, paint walls, update my webpage, or spend time with people.

And then again, I could shop for new furniture or a rug for my office. Verrry verrry tempting…

I could read just for the sheer pleasure of it. Which, in a way, is what I'm doing. I’ve been buying resources related to my new historical work-in-progress. Now that is pure fun.

For real.

I love this time in a book’s life when I’m overwhelmed with a new story - when I don’t yet know my character but am coming to terms with the agonizing questions he faces. When plotpoints present themselves to me but I have no idea where they’ll fit in the storyline. When I’m discovering more resources than I can possibly access and when I can’t read the ones I have fast enough.

It’s like having a can of cashews and not knowing whether to stuff or savor.

As usual, I am stuffing! But I’m marking up pages as I go (just one good reason to buy the books!). Later, I’ll be back to really taste. And then back again. And again.

What I'm savoring is the subject itself. I love the pure secrecy of it - the knowledge that there is this hidden history that I have the privilege of telling. It feels sacred, really. Much too precious to talk about just yet. Not before I know my character. Not before I discover his deepest anguish and glimpse his greatest triumph.

For now, I'm hugging this story to myself.


  1. Having options can be so much fun!

    Thanks for spending time with me tonight. ;-)

  2. Can't wait to meet your next character and enjoy your style of writing. I know it will be good. Enjoy the journey and we'll come along for the ride when the time is right.