Sunday, May 4, 2008


1. The historic school building which became a library when it grew up.

2. Julia Ebel, graceful, lovely event coordinator who is also an author and poet.
3. The talented young writers who took to the stage and read their poetry and essays.
4. David, the competent young man who kept the readings on schedule and also read his own thought-provoking piece about compassion for the world.
5. The girl scouts who plied us with great food and drinks!
6. The loveable Orville Hicks who regaled us with Jack Tales. Here he is with his sweet wife, Sylvia. I bought his biography Orville Hicks: Mountain Stories-Mountain Roots which was written along with Julia Ebel.

7. The opportunity to read for an audience from Healing Water.
8. Carol Andrews, my table mate who freely shared her marketing wisdom.
9. Meeting Alice Sink, co-author of Boarding House Reach whose book, The Grit Behind the Miracle was foundational to my early research and writing of BLUE.
10. Karen Jo Shapiro who I just know I've met before but we couldn't figure out where. Anyway I liked her and I put my grands to bed the other night with her book of poetry. (Well, I tried but they kept sitting up to look at the pictures. Her poems are parodies of famous poems you will recognize. Very fun and really clever!


  1. I reviewed her book for Armchair Interviews last year (I think it was then) - and it was good considering I don't even really get into poetry. This sounds like so much fun. and looks like you had a blast. Good deal - E :)

  2. Hey - I just went on Orville Hicks website and realized tomorrow is his birthday. I believe Steve might enjoy his writings. Later-JMS