Thursday, May 29, 2008


There’s something about going into schools at the tail end of the year. Everyone is in "relax-and-hang-on-‘til-the-end" mode.

At Candler Elementary, this week, students were congratulating themselves on having homework and End-of-Grade tests behind them, everyone seemed to be tie-dying tee shirts in anticipation of hippie day, and there were several special guests providing programs.

As a matter of fact, I am quite sure I saw Mark Twain wandering about the building. Now there's an author visit I wanted to get in on! If I hadn't been so concerned with finding my own way into the building I would've snapped his pic but alas! I wasn't thinking blogging at that moment.

Although, nothing is normal at the end of the year, thanks to Media Specialist, Connie McElrath, my school visit went smoothly and was a lot of fun!

A few of the things I loved about it were:

1. Organized, attentive media specialists who took care of my every need.
2. Teachers who loved BLUE and passed that enthusiasm on to students.
3. Students, in every group, who had so many questions I could barely get through my presentations.
4. A principal who attended one of my sessions. Thanks, Ms. Byerly!
5. Book sales (and the efforts of Ms. McElrath to pull that off!)

As you can guess from this photo, Connie provides a stimulating and fun learning environment. Everywhere I looked there was color. Connie is new at Candler this year and I have a feeling they’re thrilled to have her! And speaking of authors, I was only about the 4th one they've had on hand this year. (Besides, Mark Twain, I mean.)

Can you see the 4th graders giving my books two thumbs up? (Nothing set-up about that pic - not at all!)


  1. You should come join the musing our children forum and get set up for Reading Appreciation Week - next year - we are going to do it in May instead of the fall since there is so much going on as is. If you aren't already a member, here is the link - - hope to see you in the postings - E :)

  2. It gets me exciting just reading your description of it all. 4 author visits! Wow! Librarians are such treasures. I hope more people realize that. I once had a man ask me to talk his granddaughter OUT of becoming a librarian. I told the man NO WAY. Why would you ever want to talk her out of it? I have tremendous respect and admiration for librarians--of all kinds.

    I'm glad you got to soak in some of that end-of-the year excitement, Joyce. And some more thumbs up...Yeah!!!