Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EXPERTS: (anyone who knows more about my subject than I do!

Me with Jackie, a polio expert I met unexpectedly on a trip to Florida! Truly Providential!

Today I'm spending some time with the experts!

I'll be speaking at a local retirement community about BLUE and the Miracle of Hickory.

When I talk to school groups about polio the students typically have a flood of questions.

Seniors, on the other hand, remember polio. Many have been up-close-and-personal with the disease. So the discussions take on a different tone. Suddenly, I am the one soaking up the stories.

A few weeks ago I attended a funeral. On the way to the cemetery my father told me the funeral director had been in business for more than 60 years. Of course my wheels started turning. Perhaps this man drove one of the hearses that took patients to the Miracle of Hickory hospital!

After the graveside service, I introduced myself to this gentleman. He told me, that indeed, he had "carried many a patient" to the emergency hospital. In addition, his wife would work her nursing shift at a local hospital during the day and then volunteer at the Miracle of Hickory after hours.

Speaking of experts!

I'm looking forward to dropping a copy of BLUE off to this gentleman and setting up some time for an interview.

And today?

I'm anticipating more stories from local seniors who remember the polio epidemic of 1944. The research trail is unending. And I so love to follow where it leads me!


  1. Enjoyed your last 2 blogs and am happy that Tn went so well and that you're off doing your thing today. I have a message for Chuck. Please tell him that the future is here! You are the first person I am e-mailing FROM THE ROAD! I splurged yesterday and bought a portable modem (actually the modem will be free after the rebate, but the plan is $60/month- ouch-) so I can surf, e=mail, work on wikis, everything while Creighton and I are on our 11 day trip. Couldn't wait to get hooked up, go online, and tell you!

  2. Oh, how fun to spend time with experts on a topic you're passionate about!

    Following up on what Carol said, maybe you need to borrow my aircard sometime to see how it works for you.

  3. Air card? Is that what it's called? Amy, you are too sweet. Maybe I will borrow it.

  4. When we were at the funeral home last week making arrangements for our pending loss, I introduced myself to Mr. DRL, as dad's daughter. His response was you're sister wrote a book. He mentioned you had spoken to him about polio and an interview. He seemed excited about it. NEATO!!!

  5. Well, that is cool! I need to go by there with the book!