Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A few weeks ago my 3 sisters and I visited an old friend - a lovely woman from our childhood. I hadn't seen her in decades and I wanted to freeze the moment. So I snapped pictures until she threatened to confiscate my camera. At that point I put it down and just soaked up the sight of her.

Ah, she is a beauty! I'd love to post her pic but I didn't ask permission. Instead I'll share these images of her garden. Understand - Naomi lives in a retirement center in a 3rd floor apartment. But do you think that stops her from having a garden? Those tomatoes are growing on her 6'x 6'deck.

And what are fresh garden tomatoes without corn--on-the-cob?

This resourceful lady is not related to me and yet she is part and parcel of all the good things I inherited - rural life, homecooked meals, a deep faith, and a close-knit church community!

I suppose Naomi explains, to some degree, why I write historical fiction. I don't actually want to go back to the past (because how could I live without my computer and the virtual life it harbors?).

But there is a grounding in history that nurtures me. And I love slipping back a few decades to soak up the values I learned there.

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  1. What a neat post. I have been out of town and not able to use the computer like I would have liked. I'll have to take my lap-top to visit Ms. Naomi and share the post with her. She is indeed a sweet lovely lady. Glad I was able to enjoy the garden visit with you.