Monday, September 1, 2008


Brace display at the Miracle of Hickory Exhibit (photo by Nancy Terrell)

Usually when school media specialists contact me about a potential author visit I don't get to meet them until the day of. But last week I lucked out!

In her introductory email, Nancy Terrell told me that her husband had been from Hickory and that they were coming to Hickory to visit his mother. For some reason I had the urge to meet her so I suggested that we connect.

The brand new Miracle of Hickory exhibit by Catawba County Historical Association seemed like a fun thing to do together.

Turns out that Nancy is just delightful and I liked her instantly! (It's hard not to love a librarian but some just have that extra sparkle!)

Nancy with her school's copy of BLUE

We toured the exhibit, took pictures and even enjoyed a behind-the-scenes visit with Heather Deckelnick, (the exhibit organizer) who showed us some vintage photos and shared delightful anecdotes from the 1944 polio epidemic.

Alas! I did not get a photo of Heather. I also did not get one of Nancy and I together. (Someday I will learn.) But I did get the one of Nancy above and she sent this one that she took of me.

Photo of me by Nancy Terrell

Nancy with the baby iron lung from the Hickory polio hospital.

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  1. Sounds like you've both made a great connections!

    What school is Nancy from?