Wednesday, September 10, 2008


BLUE was published to good reviews but no stars from the literary journals.

Same story with HEALING WATER. Then last week my editor sent me this.

HEALING WATER - Library Media Connection - August/September 2008 - STARRED REVIEW

* This historical novel presents information about Hawaii's leper colony in the late 1800s. The Hawaiian government quarantined all people who were identified with the illness to a private settlement on the Kalaupapa peninsula. This particular tale follows Pia who is shipped away after he starts showing signs of leprosy. Though being separated from his family and forced to survive on his own is difficult enough, his biggest issue is the anger he feels when his best friend, Kamaka, abandons him. A local leper, Bold, has managed to amass more than his fair share of loot, and offers Pia sanctuary if he will be Boki's slave. With no food, clothes, or options, Pia accepts—even though it means having to do things that challenge his moral code. After living on the island for years, Pia is reunited with Kamaka. Kamakas presence plus the addition of a full time priest, Father Damien, help Pia cope with both his disease and his anger issues. This interesting and compelling read on an infrequently written-about topic will find an appropriate audience in a middle or a high school setting. Highly Recommended. Emily Cassady, Librarian, North Garland High School, Garland, Texas

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