Saturday, November 1, 2008


If you decide to write a novel in one month's time, it's probably best not to go to bed at 2:00am on the first day of writing frenzy. And it might not be all that wise to have four grandchildren overnight at the same time. (but I don't regret that one iota.)

And then, you really should not spend most of the day going from one consignment shop to another before coming home to bake brownies to donate to the cakewalk for the fall fest. Oh, and if you go to the fall fest - when are you going to squeeze in 2,000 words?

The answer to that is - while you are not getting your exercise or doing yardwork.

After the brownie baking and before the fall fest, I sat in my backyard which felt like mid September and wrote 2,260 words! It was freeing to let go and explore with my character. I learned some things about him that I didn't know.

And what I learned about me is that I don't have to wait until I know so much before I begin to write. I learned a long time ago that stories know themselves. So I am going to trust this one and just write it even if I still have tons of research to do later.

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