Sunday, November 16, 2008


The sign is compliments of White Knoll Middle School, West Columbia, SC. Wait until you see the close-ups! (I'll post those pics later.)

I've been burning up the road lately which makes it hard for me to blog. But I do want to report on some lovely school visits to Snow Hill, MD (setting for Best Friends Forever) to Wilkesboro, NC, and to West Columbia, SC.

I promise not to get too wordy. Will simply show pics of some wonderful people I met along the way.

A few of the terrific 7th graders in Snow Hill who are reading my books! They all had great questions! I love Q & A time when I can just interact with the students.

Me talking about the publication timeline for Blue. And emphasizing the big pink eraser - Revisions! Revisions! Revisions!

Barbie, the lovely Media Specialist at work.

Stephanie, the teacher friend who made the connections! (Steph's hubby, who is from Hawaii, told me about Father Damien which led to the writing of Healing Water.
A big shout out to the Worcester County Library at Snow Hill for sponsoring my visit! Thanks a big one, my friends!

My next visit was to Wilkesboro Elementary School which is about an hour from my home. I'd met Media Specialist Janis Harless last February when I presented at a teacher workshop. I loved being in her school!

With a few tips from the students I figured out how to use the SmartBoard.

Here is Marcia Reynolds who provided me with juice, muffins and cookies with Blue sprinkles. She also collected book money and generally helped organize the visit and the PTA sponsorship! Thanks so very much to the PTA!

I love meeting the students and always wish there was more time to chat.

On the road again...

On November 14 I traveled to West Columbia SC and White Knoll Middle School.

You've gotta love it when the media specialist wears wisteria inspired clothing and the principal dons overalls in honor of your book!

Wanda made some wondrously healthy carrot muffins. How did she know?

Tessa, a library intern who shares my passion for Holocaust literature.


  1. Wow - you have been busy. Loved all the pics. Seems like you received a huge welcome at all your events - everything from your name posted on the information sign to dressing in "Blue" related clothes. How cool!

  2. What fun and excitement!!! You've been busy and looks like your visits have drummed up some fun enthusiasm!