Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am having a weekend celebration with a family that would make Cynthia Rylant jealous. For Thanksgiving Day there were more than 75 of us from age 2 months to 86 years.

My parents are responsible for this clan. They had 8 children and from there we just multiplied like dust bunnies. If we could all get together at the same time there would be over 100 of us. But of course, pulling that off is more than a notion.

Today we mostly ate and played games and ate some more. Tomorrow we'll be together for a big work day at our parent's house. I am so thankful for my huge family!

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  1. It sure was a good time together. I love that book WHEN THE RELATIVES CAME. Thanks for hosting us. As usual it all went by too quickly. I am looking forward to seeing family again at Christmas even though the number of people will be much less.