Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today the co-chair of Alamance Reads sent me an update on the upcoming county wide reading program that Alamance County, NC is doing based on BLUE.

2 great things

1. The Alamance Reads Website is mostly finished and is chocked full of Blue related stuff - such great programming they have in place!

2. She shared an anecdote about a reader whose mom was a patient in the Miracle of Hickory hospital. As a result of reading the book this woman and her mom are talking about her mom's polio experience for the first time! Yes, I have heard these stories before and they always amaze and move me. But the fact that this was a Miracle of Hickory story on top of it, is especially sweet.


  1. It must be very rewarding to know you helped open the lines of communication between a mother and daughter regarding such an important event in Mom's life.

  2. Yes Jeannie, it is sooo rewarding!