Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just ordered this movie.

It's based on this book - (Sergeant York: His Own Life Story and War Diary.) Sergeant York is a fascinating character and likely the topic of much discussion by characters in the novel I'm working on. In fact, they will go see the movie because it came out in 1941 when my story takes place.

This book seems like one I might want on my shelf. Only problem? It was published in 1928. So it's probably no longer in print!

Got that right. There is a copy at Amazon. For $ 1,000.00 on my credit card, it will arrive before Christmas. Ouch!

Which is where World Cat and Interlibrary Loan become my best friends. At World Cat, I can type in any title and discover which libraries have copies of that book. Fortunately, Sergeant York is in a library thirty minutes south of me. And in several others nearby as well.

Thank goodness, the Interlibrary Loan Dept at my local library is alive and well. I will call and see if they can order it! I'll probably have to pay $ 2.50 for postage to have it sent. But that means I just saved. $ 997.50.

And that, dear reader is a bargain!

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