Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Plotting is not my strength. After all, it's largely about conflict and I'm not a conflict-escalating sort of person. (My husband may beg to differ but, thankfully, he doesn't comment on my blogs.)

What I've discovered in the course of writing, Blue, Healing Water, and Comfort is that history does the plotting for me. The elements of my story are all embedded in the past. I simply have to unearth them.

But researching history requires travel, money, and time.

Ah, time. I am, at this moment, waiting impatiently for a treasure trove of information to arrive in my mailbox. It's a memoir with details that will inform my newest plot. I've been holding back, thinking there's no use writing until I have this amazing piece of work in my hands. (I read a small portion of it already. I know how incredible it is!)

But it's taking a long time to get here and I need to get on with the writing.

The truth is, I've done the basic research. I probably have enough information to actually plot my story. Certainly the details in that memoir will add additional layers, but for now I should probably just take what I've learned and get on with it.

Therefore, I'm slogging through an outline. Escalating the conflict as I go.

Very stressful, indeed!


  1. Best of luck to you! I hope the package arrives soon.

  2. Yes, I know where you're going. I've been there, too. I hate conflict, but, ironically, it's what we writers must thrive on.

    Good Luck, Joyce!