Saturday, January 24, 2009


On Friday, Chuck and I dropped by May Memorial Library in Burlington to connect with the staff and see the BLUE display there. Carolyn, in the children's library, showed us around. And wow! What a cool environment to work in!

Chuck is pointing out some animal shapes hidden in the clouds.
I love all the murals but this might be my favorite. I'm partial to carousels.
The people are terrific also! Here's Carolyn's happy associate, Jessica, with Polio Pete.

Pete is the subject of a coloring contest for young children during Alamance Reads. I love how the committee has included activities for all ages.
My photos of the Blue displays don't do them justice. The committee did a terrific job but I didn't take great pics.
The nurse is at the entrance to the Miracle of Hickory polio hospital. The top sign says Anterior Poliomyelitis and the lower one identifies the hospital with a Do Not Enter warning.

My hubby checking out one of the Blue displays. Burlington is a cool little town. And it has the distinction of being home to a Dentzel Carousel. That, my friends, is totally made of awesome!

It's a menagerie carousel which means it has many kinds of animals - not just horses. Someone has gifted the library with all these cross stitched creatures.

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