Saturday, February 21, 2009

ON RESEARCH: What I love more than old newspapers

If there's anything I love more than an old newspaper, it's an elderly gentleman who has walked where my character walked, breathed the same air, and been motivated by the same inner call.

In the space of just 8 days I've met with two such individuals. Both are 90 year old men who lived the story I want to tell. With their help (and their writings) a picture is emerging.

One of these men shared his unpublished memoir (pictured above).

And look here - letters from back in the day. (They've since been typed up - Bless his office assistant's heart!)
This notebook is filled with letters he wrote to his wife in 1943 and '44 - with details about work at a mental hospital. A bit of info about daily schedule here. A patient description there. An ever growing sense of desperation to be out.


And what is even more priceless? Both these men are still married to the wives they had in 1943!

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  1. the memoir and these individuals in your life are priceless!! As usual, another great blog!