Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've got some magnificent resources for use in researching my new work-in-progress. Newspaper clippings, yearbooks, directories, memoirs, and movies.

2 movies -
The Good War is about Conscientious Objectors who served our country in unusual ways during WWII. Their consciences would not allow them to participate in war but that didn't stop them from putting their lives on the line.
Sergeant York is about a WWI era Conscientious Objector whose CO status was rejected. He was drafted and ultimately used his sharpshooter skills to win a crucial battle against the Germans. He is one of America's foremost WW1 heroes.

And the COs portrayed in The Good War?

They are heroes too. A different sort, to be sure. But their contribution to the common good probably affects you and me in ways we would never guess.

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