Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TUESDAY 2: Two Questions By Turrentine Middle Schoolers

1. What was your motive for killing one of the main characters?
Whoa there! Does this look like the face of a murderer?
No indeed! That is the face of a history lover – someone who finds a story and tells is like it is. (This picture has nothing to do with Blue. It's from a museum I visited while researching my next book.)

I read about polio and death in these books (and my local newspaper and a lot of other books). I also interviewed people who experienced polio firsthand. Unfortunately polio did kill some people and I thought it was important to tell the whole story. But, believe me, when that character died, I cried as hard as anyone. I keep a tissue box on my desk for moments like that.

2. What idea was more important while writing? Ann Faye being the man of the house, or her struggle to stay a kid?
What a great question! I don't believe I've thought this through before now. I think the two ideas go hand-in-hand. But ultimately? I think that, more than wanting to be a kid, Ann Fay wanted to please her father. That meant responsibility and being the man of the house. Yes, I think that idea is stronger. It's what keeps her going and helps her to survive hard times.

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  1. I love blogs. What can I say? They're terrific. AM using BLUE as an example this morning. Look forward to meeting in Gastonia --perhaps in April things will have settled down for me.