Monday, March 9, 2009


Today was the first time I signed the cover of my book. But St. David's School in Raleigh wants to collect signed book covers by visiting authors. So I took a deep breath and there you have it!

I'm on the road - gallivanting around the world. I like gallivanting. Honest I do. But I really like home more. Still, I’m very lucky.

Today I spoke at a private school in Raleigh.
Tuesday I’ll be researching in Philly.
And the rest of the week I’ll be sitting at the feet of the eminent Peter Jacobi in a Highlights Foundation Workshop - Life in the Spotlight: Author Opportunities After Publication.

In spite of my reluctance to leave home I’m thrilled with this learning opportunity. When I speak, I constantly second-guess myself. I have tons to learn about adapting to the various ages in my audience – not to mention the fact that every situation has different dynamics. And of course there is the whole marketing thing which I work hard at, but definitely need to hone.

Here's a description from the workshop webpage.

Fine-tune your presentation and marketing skills with a workshop that offers
- useful strategies for creating and delivering engaging talks;
- videotaped public-speaking sessions and school presentations with useful feedback;
- tips for marketing yourself to schools, libraries, and other potential venues;
- information on developing brochures, Web sites, and other useful promotional tools; and
- helpful pointers for working with the media to promote yourself and your work

I’ll be back with updates throughout the week, assuming Mr. Jacobi builds some blogging time into the schedule!


  1. Hope your week/road trip goes well.

    I know you'll enjoy researching tomorrow!

  2. Thanks! It is Tuesday am and I am trying to wake up.

  3. Sounds like a busy, fun week for a writer. ENJOY! Will look forward to seeing you on the trip home unless things change.

  4. We love the signed book cover and enjoyed having you at St. David's!

  5. Thanks, Peggy! I loved being there and hope to blog about it when things slow down. Do you know if the girls I had lunch with have permission to have their pics on the web?

    I can blog about it without their pics of course but that was such a lovely thing you did. It would be fun to write about that.