Thursday, April 30, 2009

BEDA: In which I practice not being boring...

One of my Jacks-in-the-pulpit. I wonder just what he's preaching on...

A few weeks ago, I happened upon Maureen Johnson's blog and discovered that she'd initiated a movement of sorts when she decided to BEDA (Blog Every Day in April). This seemed like a bandwagon I could climb onto. So I did!

Then, suddenly, this morning, my hubby announced that today is the last day in April.

Really? I wasn't expecting this just yet.

But guess what! I did it. I blogged every day in April! And it wasn't so hard, really. Half the work was in deciding. After that, it was mostly a matter of calling up the empty page and putting words there. And pics. Definitely pics!

The challenge, I think, is to post words and pics that actually say something. I keep reading that blogs should share useful information. But few of us love a lecture. And if an author is going to preach, she had better keep it upbeat and not boring!

So this month, I practiced keeping my blog posts a bit shorter. And worked at keeping my sermons interesting...


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  2. Congrats! You made the commitment and stayed with it all month long. Very Horton-like!!!

    I've enjoyed the posts - which I never thought of as sermons - and hope you keep them coming.

  3. Yes pictures. Love the pictures. You are partly photojournalist at heart. Your blogs have gotten shorter and I enjoy them so much that I am feeling very Joyce-like these days. Played with a new camera today and with words and images and came up with a blog to be proud of. Actually, blogs are sorta like haikus. The trick is to say something meaningful in a short space.