Friday, April 3, 2009

FRIDAY 5: It is Friday, isn't it?

I think it's Friday although life has lost its normal rhythm. Assuming, I've got that right, I'll proceed with 5 random commentaries.

1. I really miss Squeak, my pet mouse.
Came to the hospital without her this morning. I really don't love using the built-in mousepad.

2. My editor forwarded an email saying that COMFORT arrived and is being shipped today! So if you pre-ordered (and bless you if you did) Blue's sequel, it should be there soon. At least to the place you ordered it from. After that you can deal with Amazon's customer service dept. Also a word to Barnes and Noble. Please put Comfort and that Kirkus review back on your site!

3. J.L. Powers wrote a lovely review of Comfort which is posted at NewPages book reviews. If you follow the link, scroll down, down, down to find the Comfort review.

4. Better yet - try this search trick!
--After you go to New Pages Book Reviews type Ctrl F.
--A search window will appear in bottom left of your computer screen. Type in my name and the review will instantly be highlighted! Very cool, huh?
--Did you know you can find things this way on nearly any website? The things I learn from archivists! (Thanks, Wendy at Swarthmore College!)

5. I really love Charlie Rose. (Even if he does keep me up at night!) He's so witty, personable, and just plain brilliant! I wrote a whole post just on him but I'm saving it for another day!

6. (Bonus Item) Hubby is feeling some better. Still no diagnosis.

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