Sunday, April 12, 2009

IN MY BACKYARD: Easter Sunday

It was a gorgeous day here. So I took my camera outside and snapped a few pics. Carolina Sweet Shrub (My sister, Joanne gave me this. When we were growing up we always called them Sweet Bubbies). They're just starting to open and when they do, the air will be filled with spicy sweetness!
I think this is a Dutch Iris. My sister, Jeannie gave me this one. I love irises of all types.
Lilac. Sooooo sweet! The bee likes it too.
Dogwoods volunteer themselves all over our woods. So pretty I can almost get over the fact that I don't have a pink one in our yard.
Guard Frog lights up our water garden. I love the Sedum between the rocks. It will soon be covered with tiny yellow flowers.
I'm crazy about my Jack-in-the Pulpits. Found them in the woods of PA and transplanted them. Can't wait until they unfurl.
Periwinkle groundcover. I have a smaller variety but I prefer this one.
Candytuft. Given by Irene, a mother to a gentleman from our church.
I have no idea! Well, actually it might be a young sweet gum tree. But it reminds me of Benjamin Button - it looks like it was born old. Need to ask Shaun, my forest ranger son-in-law about this!
Columbine. This variety multiplies and lives forever. The pretty blue I love doesn't have staying power.
Bleeding Heart. Wish I'd gotten a better pic.
Iris (or flags) I grew up with these - actually a lighter purple variety that isn't blooming just yet. I now have quite a collection of irises. These are the first for this year.
And of course, wisteria, which fills the air with fragrance. I planted this where it could grow on my garden shed. I'll probably end up taking it out. Because if I don't, it will take over the county.


  1. Love the pics. Where did you get jack-in-the-pulpit? So cool. My sweet bubby is no where near blooming. You are right, that is a Dutch Iris. It's interesting how much further ahead of us you are with blooms etc. It should be nice for traveling next weekend. The redbuds and dogwoods are usually lovely between VA and NC.

  2. Amaaazing photo's!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your yard with us.