Friday, April 17, 2009


Late last night, I blogged about my need to read MARCH for my book club meeting on Monday night. Early this morning, I got an email from my sis (who happens to be in the same group) saying that MARCH was last month's selection!

Told you I've been a bad member lately. Turns out, I have a Toni Morrison around here that I need to devour in 3 days.

I could probably do it if I didn't have to blog. I "joined" the BEDA challenge (Blog Every Day April) so now I have very little time for anything else! There's time only for putting words in the little posting box, adding links, tweaking the words, eliminating a space here and adding one there. Then uploading pics, rejecting pics, browsing for more. Ooops! Need to crop that one. And where in the world did I put those school visit photos?

This leads to a grand but futile effort to reorganize the pictures in my computer (relabeling, moving to more appropriate folders, and generally forgetting what I was doing in the first place.)

Ah, yes, blogging. It takes way too much time. Good grief! In the time I get a blog post up I could write a chapter of my work-in-progress!

There has to be a faster way to blog. I should be able to sit down, spit out a few words, and publish! After all Maureen Johnson who started this BEDA idea writes a long - really, really long post every day. (She also has published 7 books in 3 years so maybe I should get the hint that I won't be keeping up with her any time soon!)

But I'm seriously considering starting up a month of my own. I'll call it CEDJ - Chapter Every Day June (or July). It might also become BNDJ - Blog No Days June.

And then again, maybe someone out there can tell me how to blog fast. I'm open to suggestions. As long as you don't tell me to eliminate the pics.

I gotta have my pics. Maybe I'll start blindly inserting one from a random folder and take whatever comes!

That's how I got the one at the top of the post. And hey, at least it's not me on a bad hair day! I'd tell you what school visit I discovered this BLUE poster on, but that would take way too much searching.

And right now, I've got to go read A MERCY, by Toni Morrison.


  1. Oh, I'm with you on the CED month! I'm not sure I could keep up, though, but I ought to try!

  2. Ghost Girl, I think the key would be living with the storyline for a long time, plotting it closely, and then writing based on what I know.

    I started this WIP during NaNoWriMo but really hadn't done enough research and prep work. Now I feel as if I might be ready for another month of intense writing.

    Maybe no by June. But July? Possibly...

  3. Ah, ha! Now I know why there are so many blog posts flowing out of Hickory!Didn;t know you were doing another month long project. Are you a glutton for punishment or what?

  4. Well since you're micro-blogging on Twitter you could add those updates to your blogpost site via a widget and micro blog throughout the day.