Thursday, June 11, 2009


Kristy Dempsey, the author of Me With You is off on another continent at the moment. So when her book came out in May she didn't get the pleasure of seeing it on book store shelves. Which is where her online friends come in. We're finding it in book stores and posting the pics.

Kristy and I did a book swap of our titles so I've been lucky enough to have my own copy for awhile now. Still, I've been meaning to get into Barnes and Noble for a look see.

But there's so much to do at home! And I love it here so I procrastinate errands of all sorts. Last evening, however, hubby and I had dinner with a friend right next door to B&N, so afterwards I went hunting.
Right there at the entrance to the children's department, we found it. This gorgeous picture book is a lovely poetic tale (with stunning illustrations by Christopher Denise) that any grandchild would love to enjoy while sitting on a friendly lap. Preferably Grandpa's.
Chuck and I do overnights with the grands once a week and tonight is the night. We have our traditions (which include Frosty the Snow Man DVD every Thursday since Christmas). We read a lot too, of course!

And you know at least one of the titles we'll be enjoying again this weekend.


  1. Oh, I wish we had a good book store to visit! This is an awesome idea, Joyce. I have to check out Kristy's book!

  2. Don't you just love "traditons with the grands"? Frosty DVD every week since Christmas makes me :)

    You are making memories they will hold close to their hears for years to come. ENJOY!!!!!!

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  4. Thanks, Joyce! I'm just in from a couple of days out of town and this made my coming home all the sweeter! What a treat to see your lovely face with my little book in B&N. I feel all squishy inside. Thank you!

    (P.S. I entered you in my contest! Winner announced July 16th!)