Monday, July 13, 2009

COMFORT (In Midwest Book Review)

In an industry where books published by the New York houses get the lion's share of the attention, it's a comfort to know that Midwest Book Review is looking out for the small presses.

Their review of Comfort popped up on Amazon last week and I just now noticed. You can read it at the Midwest Book Review site.

Their reviews are brief introductions and sometimes an opinion as well. In this case the opinion offered was as follows.

"Comfort" is a moving story of one girl trying to overcome her ailments to better her life.

In other Comfort news, the American Library Association is meeting in Chicago as we speak. If I'm not mistaken, the Notable Children's Book Committee discussed my book a few days ago. With a little luck it remains on the table where it meets the competition of fall titles added to the list. (I'm not exactly sure how this all works but I did sit in on one book discussion a few years ago so I have a vague idea.)

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