Thursday, July 16, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY: Chautauqua Edition

Carol Baldwin with Carolyn Yoder at Chautauqua

My friend and colleague (we present writing workshops together) Carol Baldwin sent me this pic the other night! When I opened it I felt both joy and jealousy. She's with my editor, Carolyn Yoder. You'd think after working with Carolyn for 7 years (Has it really been that long?) I would have a decent picture of the two of us together. But I don't : (

Carol is at the Highlights Foundation Writer's Workshop at Chautauqua, NY. Every year this time, I sigh and long to be there. And dream of going again some day. But mostly I'm just grateful that I was able to go once. And that I met Carolyn Yoder there and realized she was the editor of my dreams. And that she might even like my writing.

Apparently she did. We've published 3 books together. (Blue, Healing Water, & Comfort)

I now think of my writing life as “pre-Chautauqua and after”. Before Chautauqua, I was stabbing in the dark, exploring countless writing opportunities but not owning any of them. At Chautauqua I discovered for sure that I am a history writer and that Carolyn Yoder could help me become a really good one!

That's why I'm going to her writing retreat in August. To get some intensive input on my work-in-progress. And while I'm there I'm going to get a good photo of the two of us together.

PS: Carol Baldwin is the author of TEACHING THE STORY: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8. Now she's writing her own historical novel!


  1. Carolyn and I are in the library and we read your blog. I got goosebumps! We miss you too. Carolyn said to tell you that she has only gone for ice cream twice.
    She'll see you soon!

  2. Have a wonderful, productive workshop with Carolyn. I hope you'll blog about it (after you return! Don't get distracted while you are there).

  3. Augusta, I will likely blog about it during the event. That of course could distract me from writing in my WIP!

    I'm getting so excited!