Thursday, July 2, 2009

WRITING & EMOTIONAL ENERGY (For the interview)

I just made a phone call to a stranger in Williamsburg who I hope to interview. He wasn't home but his wife said I can call back this afternoon.

I'm a morning person so certain tasks I've learned to do when I am awake and feeling on top of things. By afternoon, the energy often wanes and I find myself disinclined to make phone calls. Especially those that require an extra measure of courage.

I remember when I was seeking info regarding HEALING WATER and I had to wait until noon to call anyone in Hawaii. (5 hour time difference). By then, I'd already spent the best part of my courage and writing energy.

Calls to Hawaii always seemed to lead to some sort of runaround. I think I've figured out why and knowing did not make it easier to push through. Eventually I did find the expert I needed to proof the language component of my story but I craved more Hawaiian input. I wanted so much to make sure every sentence felt authentic to the toughest of Hawaiian critics.

I'm getting braver with time. So if I had it to do over, I think I'd be less intimidated. But so much of writing is practice.

Which is why I'm calling the man in Williamsburg back this afternoon.


  1. Here's to facing those tasks we aren't fond of even when our energy level for it is low! Kuddos goes to you!