Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My "To Be Read" Pile

I often read more than one book at a time. I do this partially because I lay books down and can't remember where. Sometimes it's just easiest to have one in every room of the house. And the car too! (No I don't drive while reading.)

I have a few good books to choose from at the moment. First there is Write Before Your Eyes which I got this past weekend when I rode with the delightful and really smart author, Lisa Williams Kline to the North Carolina Writer's Conference. This is a middle grade novel with an intriguing premise. "If you could write the future, where would you start?" At first it seems like a fun idea but then you think of all the possibilities and the responsibility and whoosh! Maybe not so much!
And then there is Charles and Emma: The Darwins Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman who I met at my first ever history writing workshop with Carolyn Yoder. Also delightful and smart! And this book? I can't wait to see how it is that Charles Darwin and the devout Emma chose to marry. And especially how they respected and loved each other even with their differences.
And now, oh boy, now the mail comes and I also have A Mind That Found Itself by Clifford Beers! This one is research. The story of a man who struggled with mental illness, survived mental hospital brutality, got well, and wrote a book that helped reform the system. I'm so excited that I might have to take this book to bed with me.


  1. Only you could read a book as you just described and see it as night time reading. But wait a minute. If you read books like that, it may lead to more insomnia as you described in your next blog. (Did you really write that blog in the middle of the night???) Decide which you're going to do: sleep or write in your sleep. I have found you can't do both. But, you might be more talented than I am!! :)

  2. No I didn't write it in the middle of the night. I just feel wide awake when I should be sleeping. I blog about the next day!

    Sometimes I really don't want to go to bed because I am so into the story. But I know I need sleep so I can get up and write better!

  3. These look fabulous! Charles and Emma was already in my radar scope. the other two look fascinating!