Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AN INTERVIEW WITH ME (At Anne Greenawalt's Blog)

Anne Greenawalt, interviewed me on her blog.

Anne is the author of Growing Up Girl, a delightful book of short stories about well, about growing up girl.

I love the subtitle of Anne's blog - News, Tips, and Scribblings from a Burgeoning Author.

Anne does have a lot of writing going on! For one thing there are her articles at Suite 101.

She is co-writing a comeback story with John Ulsh, who survived and thrived against all odds in the wake of a head-on car colision.

And Anne has an agent shopping her first novel, "Once A Spartan". Does the story of a girl athlete in the early olympic games intrigue you?

It's just a matter of time until Anne Greenawalt, Girl Wonder lands on YA fiction bookshelves.

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