Monday, October 5, 2009


On Sunday, October 11 (a mere 6 days from now) Joseph DeVeuster (Father Damien) will be canonized.

I've decided to celebrate with a Damien/Molokai, Hawaii-related post each day this week. There are so many options it's hard to know where to begin. But why not with one of the books that I relied on so heavily during my research?

I love The Lands of Father Damien by James H. Brocker because it has so much heart and lots of history. Of course, the history can be found in many places. But the heart of this book is not easily duplicated.

I felt the aloha here the moment I opened its pages. And later when I met author Jim Brocker at his store on topside Molokai, I understood why. He is truly an unassuming and generous person!

One of the real gifts Jim gave me in this book was a feeling for the landscape of the Kalaupapa Peninsula where my story, Healing Water takes place. It is chock full of Jim's vivid photography with informative captions as well as vintage photos from the time of Father Damien. One example is this photo which Jim graciously permitted me to include on my website.

Also, on my website is a video clip of Catherine E. Toth's visit to the Kalaupapa Peninsula on Molokai, HI. You may want to check that out!

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