Monday, November 9, 2009

JEANNETTE WALLS (Everybody has a story!)

I loved The Glass Castle! So naturally when I heard Author, Jeannette Walls was coming to my hometown I ignored everything else and showed up at Lenoir Rhyne University.

Mike Collins, host of "Charlotte Talks", a local NPR program, interviewed her for a radio broadcast which you can listen to here.

Or you can get a slightly blurry glimpse here.

Jeannette is funny and wise and has chosen a positive attitude toward her horrendous childhood.

We know that having her book on the NYT best seller list for 100 weeks made Jeannette a rich woman. But she doesn't take material things for granted. To her, flush toilets, the ability to buy groceries, and the chance to take piano lessons is a miracle. I love that about Jeannette, that she can still revel in the small luxuries of life.

And that she can see the upside of down things.

She said:

  • On the upside, I'm a fighter and a scrapper. On the downside, I'm a fighter and a scrapper!
  • We all have demons. We have to put a harness on our demons, not cast them out!
  • I have a great life. Why regret how I got here?
  • There are the facts. And then there's the truth.

Jeannette has a new book out, Half-Broke Horses which tells the story of her maternal grandmother. Although it's fictionalized, it too, feels much like a memoir in the telling. Having read her grandmother's story, I can see a bit of what shaped her mother and also what has made Jeannette the resilient person she is.


  1. Amazing too that she's had those luxuries, or as we call them necessities, for a good # of years now and still seems genuinely appreciative of them.

    Wonder who sells demon harnesses? Ebay maybe?

  2. Amy, maybe Jeannette has a used harness she'll see you for cheap.