Thursday, December 31, 2009


ME: So, Joyce I heard you were changing your blog to focus almost entirely on history. Is this true or just a rumor?

Myself: It’s just true.

ME: But why? Your fans will disappointed if you stop reporting on your coffee intake, research trips, school visits, and awards.

Myself: Stop lying. And anyway, if I win an award, I’m kind of certain I'll mention it here. After all, the moment it happens, it's history.

ME: So, why are you doing this?

Myself: Because blogging gurus advise offering a service to others. I’d like to provide a place where readers find useful links, fascinating history, research tips, and interviews with the best history writers.

ME: So this is totally unselfish? It has nothing to do with wanting a brand?

Myself: What? How’d you know? Okay, yes, actually. The wise ones also recommend that authors and bloggers have a recognizable brand. I’ve been reflecting on what my brand might be and and uh, it finally dawned on me that I have an interest in history. So I’m going with it.

ME: Starting when?

Myself: January 1, 2010. Yikes! That's tomorrow, I better go do some research!


Myself: Talk to you tomorroooooooooow...


  1. Great interview. And pictures to match. You're so creative. I love it! And a great moment in history (in my book) was when I met you at MidSouth!! I need to know more about branding. Where did you find that idea?

  2. Don;t answer that last question. Just googled Branding and blogs and found tons to follow up with. You're steps ahead of me on this.