Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TEASER TUESDAY (WITH A TWIST): A True and Faithful Narrative

(rules for myself)

  • Grab a history book.
  • Find a passage I love
  • Share a few teaser sentences

Back in December, Jonathan Hunt at the School Library Journal Heavy Medal blog asked readers to share which books they feel have been robbed of a Newbery Medal in the past.

One that came up repeatedly is A True and Faithful Narrative by Kit Sturtevant. I love this book for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it serves as a beacon for me as a writer of history. For one thing, there is some seriously good research behind this book. And in addition, there is a philosophy of storytelling that I harken back to - the call to be true to the story I'm telling - not simply to tell my narrative as I might wish it to be.

From the first page, I give you.

"Later, when we heard what befell him, I remembered certain things: the colors of his clothes, the way the spring air had chilled his nose to brightness, how the sea-coal glowed in the grate, and the scents of turpentine and lavender wafting up from my apron. I remembered too, the softness of his fingers as he put his shillings upon my palm, and the way he let his hand linger on mine."

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