Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As sure as Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow, as sure as we are predicted to have 6 more weeks of winter, so is Becky Levine giving away her book. To one of you, dear readers.

I love how many of you spoke up both here and over at my LiveJournal to say how much you really need it.

You're right! You do.

I do too.

So here's the deal. I'm reaching my hand into the hat. Yep! It's a hat this time! A furry little number that my son brought back from Chile a few years ago. Looks like I'll be needing it for awhile. 10 inches of snow in my part of NC is unusual and even more unusual is the succession of winter storms in our forecast.

This would be a great time to be in California with Author, Becky Levine. (Tell me it's warm where you are, Becky!)

What? Oh yes, the hat. The contest. I'm shuffling the names. I'm reaching in. Pulling it up.

I - oh wow! Look who won!

It's Judy Wirzberger. Congratulations, Judy! Send your address to me at moyergirl at charter dot net and I will make sure Becky signs it for you and sends it your way.

And to the rest of you, as well, congratulations for playing along, for being such great sports, and for seriously considering buying this amazing book. You would not regret such a purchase. And I won't either.

Thanks Becky! It was fun.


  1. Congrats to Judy!

  2. Yes, congrats to Judy. And thanks Carol-Ann for checking back and also for playing.

  3. Lucky Judy--cute blog! I'm recommending that NIki S. (on the carolinas listserve) consider referring to Becky's book for the next issue of P&P.

  4. Oh, that is so fantastic! I KNOW Judy--I mean, LOCALLY! Thanks, Joyce!

    And, no, sorry, it's gray and cloudy here. But it was beautiful and sunny for my launch, so I'll take it. :)

  5. Wow! That is cool. I dont' know her at all. I haven't heard from her yet.

  6. Awesome! Congrats Judy!

    BTW...snow? In Hickory? I'm turning our old sled into a boat down here. Record rain levels and lots of flooded streets. Stay warm!