Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BOOK AND DVD GIVEAWAY - 4 Chances For You To Win

I'm about to introduce you to a few good books that you'll want to win for your school, library, or your   bookshelf at home..

For starters:

A book of poems about 3 famous mother daughter duos.  (Starred reviews by School Library Journal and Booklist!)
Jeannine Atkins just published BORROWED NAMES.  She sent me a copy but I don't get to keep it.  I'm she's giving it away here.  You or your school could be the winner.  But you have to beg for it in order to get you name in the hat. Do so by sending me an email or commenting on any of my blogposts. Just tell me you want the book.
Jeannine also sent me Anne Hutchinson's Way which I blogged about here.  I vaguely rememer learning about Anne Hutchinson back in elementary school during a unit on the Puritans but I had forgotten.  So I loved this book. It's a picture book for elementary students. You have to beg for that too.

I will be interviewing Jeannine here soon - like next week.  So come back and meet her!

And have you noticed the copy of Captain Mac in the sidebar? Top right hand corner.Yep, there it is. I interviewed Author, Mary Morton Cowan  here.  I'm Mary Morton Cowan is giving that away.  This is non-fiction, about an Arctic explorer.  A fabulous addition to any school, homeschool, or library!. Ask for it. I'll enter you in the contest. The deadline is April 1.

And one more thing - A DVD.  This is a short reenactment of a historical event - think D-Day from the perspective of a French girl who suddenly finds her yard swarming with Allied soldiers.  It's a short movie produced for a museum.  I'm Professor Eric Groce is giving it away.  (His research and writing led to this movie.)

Papa said, "We should never forget." from Inertia Films on Vimeo.

Times are tight.  Budgets are being cut. But you can get a book for free. Here's how I know.  I entered a contest for Riding Invisible by Sandra Akonzo.  I won.  It arrived yesterday.  And a little over a year ago, I won Tracking Daddy Down by Mary Beth Kelsey.  That's two books in less than two years.  Not bad for someone who doesn't actually enter that many contests!

Someone's got to win - it might as well be you. Leave a comment.  (A separate one for each book.)

Deadlines are as follows - I'll announce the winners on these dates.
Captain Mac - April 1
Borrowed Names - April 14
Anne Hutchinson's Way - April 14
DVD - Papa said, "We should never forget."  April 21


  1. I'm begging here.
    I'm on my knees.
    (And boy, My floor needs cleaning!)

    I'd love a prize,
    any shape or size.
    (Is this post too demeaning?)

    The DVD
    is fine with me.
    The books would be fantastic.

    I'd love them all,
    but it's YOUR call
    (either way, I'm enthusiastic!)

    How was that for begging? :)

  2. Ha! That is fantastic! For that,I'll enter you in all 4!

  3. I believe that the Captain Mae would be a very nice to win. Also I think the Emmy Award winning would make a nice addition to any collection. And the fact that I had the mastermind behind the video for a professor, makes it even more sweeter.

  4. David, it sounds as if you earned a chance to win Captain Mac and that DVD you influenced!

    Way to go!

    I entered you in those two contests.

  5. I'd love Captain Mac. My mom collects books on the arctic. I'll read it first and then share it with her! Thanks!

    Barbara Younger

  6. Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! I'd love the Ann Hutchinson pb for our school library. Looks awesome!

  7. Ooooo! Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! I'd love the Ann Hutchinson pb for our school library!

  8. Barbara, you are in the running for Captain Mac,

    Kelly, you are in for Anne Hutchinson's Way.