Thursday, March 18, 2010

Research Is more than a pile of books but...

Research is way more than a pile of books. There's a lot of fun stuff involved - like museum visits, hiking, train rides, interviews with fascinating people, eating great food and the occasional visit to some unexpected place such as an orphanage or mental hospital.

But there are also lots of books involved.  Here are a few that I'm using for my work in progress. Along with a few DVDs at the top of the pile.


  1. Oh, those DVDs remind me, there's a documentary on Chicago I need to get. I just got hold of two novels written about the settlement movement IN Chicago AT the time of my book. Cool!

  2. Becky that is very cool! Hope they're inspirational and informative. I have a feeling you'll find new avenues to explore as a result of reading them. And the documentary sounds great too!

  3. Yes, Amy - hiking is a great way to do research. Someday I need to do a post of the different kinds of research I've done. And the friends who have helped me.