Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Tiny But Eagerly Awaited Upate: BLUE IN PAPERBACK

Seeing is believing and I haven't seen it yet. But I understand that BLUE is finally in paperback. Delivery date to the warehouse? March 13.

Whoa! That's today! Saturday. I hope someone is in the building when the truck arrives. I hope the truck arrives.

But mostly, I hope this makes Ann Fay's story more accessible for kids and people in general. And, if it lands a spot on a Battle of the Books list here and there, well that wouldn't hurt my feelings either!


  1. ps- I don't think that is tiny at all!

  2. How cool....maybe even more classrooms will invest and read it now.....BLUE is making a very impressive impact that's for sure... CONGRATS.

  3. Cool!

    What's the process (or is there one?) for getting your books in paperback? Who decides and all that fun stuff?

  4. That's not tiny, it's huge! As much as I know they may not make authors quite as much $ (??), I love paperbacks--so much easier to read in bed & in the bath, and they leave more shelf room for...MORE BOOKS!

    Congratulations. :)

  5. I want "Captain Mac"

  6. Okay, anonymous - I got you down. But keep checking back to see if you won since I don't have contact info.

  7. Carol and Becky - you are right - it is huge. I've been waiting for a few years.

    Amy, regarding the process. A school system asked to buy more than 500 copies of paper. I think that convinced the publisher that it was worth taking the plunge. I think it was a timing thing too. The ecomony and the fact that it has been out in hardcover for a few years meant sales had peaked. At least that's how it seemed. Honestly, I don't know a lot about the process. I can ask for things but that does't mean I get them or that I am part of the decision. I'm pretty sure publishers make their decisions, based on economics.

  8. Congratulations!!!!

    I want Captain Mac...Please :)

  9. Hi Caitlyn - You are officially entered!

    Hope school is going well.