Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belated Book Giveaway!

Oh, boy, I have been all kinds of delinquent.   A few days ago I promised to post wisteria pics on the next day.  I still have not completed the post.

And few weeks ago I promised to give away 2 books by Jeannine Atkins on April 14.  I believe today is the 15th! I could blame it on taxes or yard work or busy busy life.

All of which is kind of true.  But mostly the book giveway date just escaped me.  So I'm doing it now. Here's how it worked.  I entered everyone in both contests.  So you have two chances to win a book.  My hubby is picking 2 numbers.  First number gets Anne Hutchinson's Way.  2nd one gets Borrowed Names.

Ready. Set. Go hubby!

The numbers are:

12 for Anne Hutchinson's Way.  And the winner is Tracy Abell who livejournals as tracyworld
 4 for Borrowed Names.  And the winner is Lorraine who livejournals as lorrainemt. 

Way to go LiveJournal friends.  (BTW, I did enter the rest of you.)

Tracy and Lorraine, email your mailing addresses to me at moyergirl at charter dot net and I'll send them out early next week.

Thanks to everyone for entering.  And good luck next time!  There's still a DVD giveaway coming up.  I better check on that date - oh it's April 21.  That's next Wednesday.  Papa said, "We should never forget." is a short reenactment of D-Day from the perspective of a 13 year old French village girl.  Great for homeschool, library, or classroom.

Papa said, "We should never forget." from David Druckenmiller on Vimeo.

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