Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The May issue of Talking Story E-Newsletter is out!  Carol and I had fun with this one - in fact the theme is fun. We figure that, for many of you, the school year is winding down. 

This means that teachers and librarians need to keep those students productively occupied until say, June 11 or so.  We share a few ideas for survival, one of which is that both Carol and I are giving away a Skype visit (video chat with author). Click over to the Talking Story site and visit the Giveaways Galore article in the sidebar.  Please follow the email link as instructed to get in on the contest.

Other giveaways include:
That's 4 chances to win, folks!  But you can't do it here at my blog - you've got to visit our newsletter site where you'll find some great suggestions for summer fun and some good reads too!

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